7 Struggles — Managing Yourself To Greatness

No matter your job. No matter your title. No matter your income. No matter your age. No matter your position on the org chart. First and foremost — we’re all tasked with managing ourself.

Here are seven struggles I’ve had managing myself, and the solutions I’ve had success with:

  1. I forget to do things (even things I really want to do). Solution: Put them on my to-do list and/or calendar. Use Pip to make sure I actually use my to-do list and my calendar.
  2. I don’t force myself to do hard/annoying things (even though I know they would be valuable). Solution: Put a process in place to spend some time struggling/growing each day (I started with 5 minutes). Share the process with someone who will hold me accountable.
  3. I struggle to do things consistently (even simple tasks). Solution: Use Pip to make sure I can’t fizzle on things without somebody noticing.
  4. I start too many projects, and then I let some stand still. Solution: Realize this tendency. Realize it’s more fun (for me) to be focused on one project and giving it 100%.
  5. I don’t force myself to do things that are emotionally risky/painful. Solution: Recognize and admit that I have a huge fear of rejection. Realize that rejection equals success. Put a process in Pip to record and celebrate times I get rejected.
  6. I let things get awkward with people and then I avoid them. Solution: Put a process in Pip to remind me to break these bubbles every two weeks (before they get too big and awkward).
  7. I miss deadlines. Solution: Force myself to start tasks sooner. Force myself to make the first sketches/notes/calls (or whatever first steps the task needs) sooner. Put a process in Pip to remind me to start sooner.

Who am I? I’m the c0-founder of Penguin Magic and ProcessInPlace.com, and I’m constantly struggling to get more out of myself. I’d love to hear about your fumbles and solutions. You can reach me here: maxwell@processinplace.com

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