Do Not Let Fatigue Sway Our Resolve

There is strategy in attacking an opponent from all sides.

Distraction. Division. Exhaustion. Defeat.

Eventually it becomes too much to resist and they surrender.

I have heard much talk of outrage and compassion fatigue already setting in. How can we process it all? What do we do? It’s just too much. This is completely understandable.

This barrage of egregious Executive Orders on immigration, healthcare, border walls and taxes, and the defunding of science research, public information, and women’s healthcare abroad, the silencing of our parks and environmental agencies, the threats to our national security, the erosion of our moral integrity, and the attempts at gaslighting the entire nation so we question our own sanity and understanding of the truth.

All of this is too great to bear alone. This administration, their strategists, and their advisers know it can drive us to tune out, turn off, and give up.

But you are not alone.

We are together, in this.

We are one.

Do not be led to believe otherwise.

Tend to your wounds. Turn to your neighbors and help tend to theirs.

Support each other.

The road ahead is long and it will be difficult. Take respite when you can take no more and then rejoin. You can put down your anger if it becomes too great to bear, but never let go of your resolve.

We will wage onward in defense of justice, equality, and sanity. We will see to the protection of our brothers and sisters and in doing so, our future.

We must defend the rights of all people, regardless of color, class, creed, or country. We must stand up to protect those under attack. We must stand by them and behind them when they ask our support, and use our very bodies to defend them if we have to.

Please, do not fall into despair and retreat from this fight. There are many who have no choice. Let us use our power for good and use it for action.

We cannot surrender. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not ever.

Stay vigilant, and stay ready.

And remember the words of Gil Scott-Heron:

“The revolution will not be televised.”