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I was born in California, San Jose, I am half white, half Chinese, Studied in China until high school, then moved to Johns Creek for high school. I would say I have the most knowledge on this topic. I truly believe the reason white people are moving out is because America does not feel like America anymore. A kid can’t have a life and still do well in school. I moved back to America thinking high school would be easy for me, since I was years ahead in math and science; but it turns out that now America’s curriculum is just as advanced as Asia now if you take all AP or honors classes. I cannot do well and also play some video games on the side because i have to study the second I get home. My neighborhood is almost all Asian, and every time I say hi or wave to a Chinese neighbor they just pretend they don’t see me. The other comments are right, It is because Asians are subconsciously discriminating against white people. Living in China as a white kid was tough, discrimination there is much worse than the Asians have it here. Heck, they wouldn’t even count my test scores because I wasn’t the same as them. Americans just want life back the way it was before Asians came and changed everything, back to when teenagers could play sports and take part in extra curricular activities, maybe even not spend all of their weekend studying. I am half Asian myself and i say the problem is Asians. We are coming into America and just changing the way life works; people are responding to the results and we call it racism. Asian people, get your head together, I say if you want to push the idea of all study no play, then stay in your own country

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