Hazardous Shooting

In just under 2 weeks we will be physically building a full sized, too scale bunker for the character Craig to live in. Just thinking about film students with tools building a set is nerve racking enough let alone thinking about all the hazards that may come with it.

To put it somewhat simply, the hazards we may face as a crew will be injuring ones self with flats falling on people, electrocution with large amounts of power, poor use of drills and other power tools and also falling over equipment that may be left lying around un attended. The best way to manage these risks is too make sure that everyone who will be attending the the set build, is present for a risk assessment meeting and that everyone has very specific jobs to do. Another way to prevent injury or harm is too make sure that people who don’t know how to use certain tools or equipment are either trained on how to use them or simply stay way and work on something that they are capable of doing.

In the event of an injury, we also need to be just as prepared. The production team will be available and have first aid equipment to handle any potential problems that may occur, and of course in the unlikely event that emergency services are needed, making sure that everyone knows what the correct details to contact the emergency services. The event of an evacuation procedure is also important to know because we will be working with high power power tools so fires can happen if things are incorrectly used or maintained.