Starting uni this trimester I knew that I wanted it to be much better than the trimester before. The only reason for this is documentary almost traumatised me, but, in kind of a good way. I learnt a valuable lesson that has helped and did help in particular with starting this trimester. I learnt that you can’t really trust anyone to do the work you have asked on time. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone was bad, but you should definitely not put a lot of trust in the cast.

In all honesty, I knew that I didn’t want to particularly produce a web series but that doesn’t mean I didn’t believe in my idea. My pitch was an idea that would hopefully redeem my documentary, with the plan to only use interviewees that were passionate and committed. I knew that I could have potentially turned the idea into a narrative making it a much less stressful process as an improvement, but I enjoy the challenge at film school.

Elevator pitches are extremely important, especially if you want or need funding for larger productions. This elevator pitch was a good chance for the class to polish up on their pitch skills, because if you can’t convince an audience of your idea in a few minutes then you’re never going to get financial help from a larger funding body.

I know that I want to produce films, feature and short when I leave film school. These ‘practice’ elevator pitches will help me when I need the money to make films. They also will help me in employing or being employed by highly talented, highly experienced crew.

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