The Opening

The title sequence in ‘Craig Was Here’, is a sequence that the whole crew have thought about for a while. When I thought about it myself, I saw the title sequence as a play on the most important motif in the script. The bunker. Now this is conjecture sure, but, the bunker clearly plays the most important part in showing the characters journey. The title sequence is generally the first thing we see, so I thought lets make a title sequence of the bunker being built.

A progressional sequence of the bunker being built would be an opportunity to show the importance of the contents of the bunker and also the security from what Craig sees as an apocalyptic world. This would hopefully settle any doubt that the audience may have in terms of story and thematic structure.

As an example I have attached the opening sequence to HBO’s Game of Thrones as an example of how I saw the opening sequence. This particular example is animated, I saw the title to ‘Craig Was Here’ as some parts animated with live action woven in and out of the sequence.

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The reason I see the use of animation is because I want it to stick with the theme of the series. Dramatic but with elements of comedy. ‘Craig Was Here’, does throughout play with comedy in a dark, subtle sense, this has informed my ideas for the title sequence by keeping the visuals light in content but subtly placing a few dark comic moments with in the sequence.