Dear JavaScript,
Jamie Kyle

Disclaimer: I don’t maintain any OSS repo’s.

I really love the OSS nature of the f/e world. But i really do understand how much you hate the negativity. I come across a lot of libs when searching for solutions, try as much as I can and pick what I think suits my problem and skill level the most. I really don’t understand why there are people who just whine at stuff they don’t want to use.

If something is not suited for your needs, move on. If a tool you use is going a direction you don’t like, find out why it’s doing what it does and if you can adjust. If you can’t, move on. It isn’t that hard.

Saw this thing happening with Ionic2 (and angular2) and it makes me sad. I know both teams are working really hard to build something awesome, but a lot of devs are just whining without getting any context.

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