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At maxxer, we have one clear goal: making money together. In order to achieve this we are bringing the revolutionary concept of Social Trading to crypto, where users can copy top performing traders on our exchange, among several other perks. The benefits of this are obviously endless but we want to go further than just helping novices to copy experts; we want you to learn as you earn. That’s why we’re introducing maxxer academy: adding another facet to our extensive list of features so we can comfortably act as your one-stop-shop for everything crypto.

See the full article on Social Trading here: https://blog.cryptostars.is/hands-free-crypto-introducing-social-trading-4188f1918724

The internet is an information hub en-masse; nearly 3.5 billion results when we asked Google maybe the most commonly asked question for beginners:

It’s very difficult to decide which result to click on, and as a beginner this 3.5 billion figure can be enough to put them off completely. maxxer academy wants to be the defining crypto resource centre by doing things differently, and helping you get the information you need rather than what pops up first on a search engine — and even catered suggestions on what to learn next.

We are centred around making the best educational accompanying platform to the maxxer exchange, we do this by providing a personalised & filtered experience, concise & attractive content and an array of perks & features that leave you actively wanting to learn more.

We will be launching with 50+ articles and videos to educate you in a fun and innovative way, with interactive features being added in the following weeks.

No sign-up, free crypto courses

Whether you’re completely new to crypto and need a rundown on the basics, or someone who’s been trading crypto for a while and need a refresher on certain topics; maxxer academy is the personalised learning tool for you. We know that these are polarised examples, and there are several other levels of knowledge between ‘novice’ and ‘expert’. That’s why the first thing we do is bring you through a brief set of questions to help you determine the type of trader you are, so we can give you the content you need. No sign-ups, just 30 seconds of your time and we help you by providing a catered learning course.

Of course, all the content is readily available for anyone to browse as they wish, but we recommend you follow the questionnaire: even as a crypto veteran, you may need a refresher on ‘Proof of Stake’ vs `Proof of Work’ systems that you had forgotten about, where you may have just been coming to maxxer academy to find out more about the $MXXR token.

By completing the handful of questions when you arrive at academy.maxxer.com your experience is already catered to your level of knowledge; you can go through each structured course to help you progress as a well rounded trader.

After the academy has been successfully launched we will add these features, first we ensure all base functions are working as smoothly as possible.


We know that crypto can seem like a whole new world to new investors, and finding a place to start is often the hardest thing to do. With the simple, personalised process explained above we can take some of that initial pressure off by guiding you to the best topics to begin your research.

You’ll be happy to hear that this content won’t be 3000 word tomes on all things crypto: we streamline all but the most important and useful information into a carousel of short videos and articles, and make the supposedly daunting crypto beginner experience as easy and fun as learning to ride a bike — we’ll teach you enough to take off the stabilisers (and then some).

For people who have already been following us for a while, you’ll know that top-quality content is what we deliver. maxxer academy will match this standard, offering a visual encyclopedia that will stick in your memory; like a rolodex for crypto topics.

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

Making our content interactive is one of our other main drives; we want our video on leverage trading to be the first card that pops up in your inner rolodex. Aesthetically, the content will help us massively in this goal, but we want to be remembered as more than just a pretty face. That’s why we’re including features that involve you actively clicking and navigating through the whole of maxxer academy.

There are frequent questionnaires to help you determine the type of trader you are, these are situated across the site and at the end of the courses to trigger that vital engagement to help the information stick. We’re also offering an exclusive e-book that has a trading guide, tips & tricks and even a key to unlocking a nicely sized bag of $MXXR tokens — but we can tell you more about that later.

I think we can all agree the best way of teaching is providing a cash incentive to the student. Did you ever have those friends in school whose parents promised them ‘x’ amount of money per A grade? You can be sure that those kids worked hard with the idea of money in their pockets. At maxxer, we take the same initiative to further ensure you are prepared for the weird and wonderful world of crypto trading. Introducing:

maxxer learn & earn

The Academy will have a selection of courses where you are rewarded in crypto after completing the test at the end. For example, we have a maxxer course on Social Trading with a reward of 200 $MXXR tokens if you receive full marks on the test. There’s a selection of these courses available from launch, with rewards in various cryptos that are listed on the beta.

It’s simple, engaging and educational; exactly what a complete crypto newbie needs.


There are a limited number of these available, and — as mentioned before — will contain a trading guide with market-proven tips & tricks to minimise risk and maximise potential. To continue on our theme of involvement, there is a code somewhere within the e-book that you can redeem for 1000 $MXXR tokens! But by ‘limited number’ we mean ‘limited number’; there are only 2000 of these available! So first come, first serve.

When can we expect maxxer academy to go live?

After months of preparation, we have a release date for early June. At first, you will be able to browse freely through educational videos and articles, and get a taste for maxxer’s extremely purple aesthetic. In the weeks after release you will be able to follow the questionnaires to receive your catered learning courses and, as mentioned, learn & earn as you go through them.

The introduction of maxxer academy creates another tool for you to use freely and educate yourself, regardless of your level of crypto knowledge. Togetherness is our ethos, and by providing all of this content that actively engages you to learn helps a whole community progress as well rounded traders.

Why not try out all of this new information first-hand on the exchange beta? After all, there’s free trading and new features being added every few weeks so it’s the perfect ground for you to get to grips with simple trading. maxxer academy goes hand-in-hand with the exchange, and we hope that users of all levels can gain something useful in the practical trading world.



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