The New Standard for Crypto Trading

As the adoption rate of cryptocurrency investing and trading grows, the gap between a novice and expert grows exponentially more, and many questions arise for newcomers: Where do I start? How can I expect to learn, and make profit when trading? Can I follow someone to help me? The answer is Social Trading. Furthermore, the answer is maxxer.

We are a brand new community driven, EU regulated exchange with Social Trading at its core. We aim to open the door for those who are too overwhelmed to invest in cryptocurrency, those who don’t have the time, knowledge or just have no idea where to start. Our platform caters to novices through an easy and familiar user-interface and innovative engagement features like copy trading and our Social Trading League, so you can find the best performing trader to copy!

Social Trading is a method of investing where everyone on the platform can view and follow the profiles of experienced, knowledgeable traders and copy their trades. This way everyone can learn from each other, while you keep your money in your own hands yet are still able to trade cryptocurrencies properly. It’s completely transparent and with the focus on the community, with obvious huge benefits for ‘newbies’ and perks for the experts are also many (read on).

We have all the trading functions of a normal crypto exchange, except we focus on accessibility, interaction and community. We encourage discussions and the sharing of knowledge between users, with our own social network within the platform. We know that charts, graphs and statistics can seem intimidating to new investors, so we simplified what many see as something too complex to grasp. We connect traders of all levels, and even reward those that help others.

Our exchange has been in development from 2020, with our full platform launch set for Q2 2022, and even our own IEO $MXXR currently in its presale stage. The team behind maxxer is made up of experienced developers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts with combined decades of crypto and asset investing. Our love for community has brought us all together in creating maxxer, a platform that brings traders of all levels together in the goal of making money together.

So we provide ‘newbies’ with the ability to copy top performing traders and begin their crypto journeys with a guiding hand, but what’s in it for these top traders? As well as considerable cash rewards, maxxer provides experts with a platform to publicise themselves in a fun and regulated environment. We gamify the trading experience by introducing a league where traders can compete against each other; the higher your position in the league, the greater your rewards and the more copiers you’re likely to attract. By providing all of these features actually within the exchange, maxxer is a one-stop-shop for trading, networking, and competition. Why go anywhere else?

The crypto world is full of ‘influencers’ or ‘callers’ that publicly show off their trades and investments on social media. Nearly always they only share a project they’ve been paid by, or that they’ve already invested in and then sell when their followers buy the ‘tip’… In other words, front-running and exploiting their community. This system is obviously flawed and already dated, maxxer brings a solution on our exchange through our regulations and heavily layered security system.

One of our keystones is being compliant by design. This means that we stay ahead of the ever-changing regulations so our exchange will constantly be ahead of the curve. With no past clients and no ‘baggage’ we can easily stay up to date, with no interruption to the exchange’s functionality. This is where some other exchanges fall short, with deposits and withdrawals frequently being halted as they have to overhaul their systems to fit new measures. maxxer understands that for crypto to have a future, regulations need to be firmly in place. Users can rest easy knowing their hard-earned funds are safe and secure within the exchange.

We separate ourselves from other exchanges by introducing and innovating a host of attractive new features, whilst simplifying many existing functions of an exchange. This creates a more friendly and heavily improved user experience for both novices and experts alike. The main aim of maxxer is to make money together, and through Social Trading and an attractive user-interface we strongly believe making life-changing money is possible for everyone on our exchange.

This blog is the first in a monthly series that will highlight just how maxxer is the best-in-class social trading platform, and the first of its kind to be entirely crypto-specific. Make sure to visit our website for our whitepaper and links to all of our social media!



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