New KPCB Report and My Takeaways

Here are some less than obvious insights I noted. What did you find interesting?

• Ads vary significantly in how much they annoy customers: mobile pop-ups are the worst

Social Media
• Unexpected popularity of weird YouTube channels, e.g. people who record themselves unboxing stuff

Delivery / On-Demand Economy
• Trending up across the board: from Amazon to Doordash
• Amazon eating the world with Amazon Basics brand

Gaming and VR
• Gamer’s average age: 35
• More weird entertainment: the # of people watching other people play games keeps growing
• Games have higher engagement in minutes/day than Facebook (per active user)
• VR and gamification of the real world: Stanford Football, Peloton and all kinds of mobile apps
• Virtual world simulations: Improbable
• eSports growth

• Continued growth of the subscription model and personalization: Spotify and Netflix dominate

Enterprise Software
• Interfaces become more humane as reflected in growing designer/developer ratios

• On-demand bike sharing
• AliPay + WeChat

Macro Trends
• US Deficit
• 60% of most valued companies started by 1st or 2nd generation immigrants
• 50% of most valued companies started by 1st generation immigrants

I’ve also posted some screenshots of noteworthy slides here:

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