Xcode 7 crash log symbolicate tips 1

Tip 1: symbolicate crash log from debug build

If you are running the debug build but not launching it from Xcode, when a crash happens you obviously won’t see any stack trace in Xcode, but still if you go to the Device logs you will se the crash log. However the bad news is that the crash log is not symbolicated.

It seems to have something to do with not generating dSYM files for debug build and apparently Xcode 7 can’t find the debug symbols within the app binary file.

The only way I have found which can give you some hint about where the crash happens is using the “atos” tool. So basically you need to find out the stack address of the place of crash, then use “atos” to find the line number in the source code.

Check these places for the details:

You will need to find out where the app binary file is on your developer machine and you can use Xcode Report navigator to do that. Just find the build log and you will see the exact location of the .app folder.

Additional note: the difference between DEBUG INFORMATION FORMAT dwarf and dwarf-with-dsym:

  • stabs: Use the Stabs format and place the debug information in the binary.
  • dwarf: Use the DWARF format and place the debug information in the binary.
  • dwarf-with-dsym: Use the DWARF format and place the debug information in a dSYM file.


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