The SpaceX Experience

Watching SpaceX launch a satellite into orbit at Cape Canaveral was one of the greatest experiences I had during my trip to Florida. While the viewing lasted only a few moments, it was a wonderful sight to behold.

It was the kind of experience that helps you put your life into perspective. I feel like the work that I do is meaningful, but when you watch a group of people, through a collective series of chemical reactions and amazing feats of technology, launch a hunk of metal into space that is set to orbit the earth for years (not to mention try to land the used rocket on a drone ship!), you can’t help but wonder what kind of greatness you could achieve too.

I am sure this thought doesn’t stop with me. Even the people who played a part in the launch probably feel that they could be doing more. I think as humans, we are always striving to do something greater. Watching this launch has helped inspire me to focus more on finding the kind of work that will help push me to do greater things as well.

What inspires you to leave your mark on the world?

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