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Everything is better with creativity

Someone asked me yesterday, Why did you choose digital advertising?

I remember that in college, the emergence of blogs, social networks and the speed with which things could be shared with the use of the Internet, began to get my attention.

I decided to focus on advertising after developing my first campaign, which literally took me to the clouds -with a trip to Germany-. I started working in a public relations agency and, among my many activities, I suggested implementing the social networks as a channel of communication as important as the rest.

In less than a year I was already working in the first advertising agency that gave me the opportunity (and to which I am very grateful for the experience, trust and learning). Working on it I could see that digital marketing is a universe, every day things change and there is “something new”, that way the creative possibilities are endless.

Afterwards, everything became even more cool, mixing the best of the digital world with the fun of the real world, I worked on projects with extremely professional teams, which I admire and respect a lot, doing things that “went beyond the conventional.”

I think that having the right message in the right media is when you create “magic” projects, which makes your feel excitement. For some it will be “just a commercial”, for me, creating relevant and positive messages in the best possible way is a passion.

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