Most Effective Way To Get Work Done — 24h No Tech Challenge

I know it sounds crazy, and yes I sound like a teenager with a phone addiction, but I didn’t know this experiment would be so hard.

It’s crazy because I’ve never thought about it, and not only that, I never thought it would be a challenge. I never saw myself as obsessed like other teenagers I know at school. I was actually disappointed in myself. Truly disappointed that I cannot be without technology for more than 24 hours. It’s just sad.

You’re probably confused right now so let me start from the beginning. Hi, my name is Maya Khemlin. I am in grade 11 and in my media class, my teacher challenged my class to put down our computers, iPads, and our phones for an entire day. And now you are probably thinking, “wow… look at this girl, she can’t put away her phone for a day, what a joke”. Well it’s not a joke, and it’s not that easy, but it did teach me a valuable lesson, so at least I got one thing out of this challenge.

I kind of knew it would be hard, even if I didn’t want to believe it, so just in case I put all my technology in my basement so even if I wanted to use technology, I would be too lazy to go get it because it is in the basement.

I woke up on Saturday, no alarm, no distractions, it was actually kind of nice and refreshing.

But it wasn’t long until I finished eating breakfast and then I remembered that the night before, I texted my friend a question, but I never saw if I got an answer.

The question wasn’t even important. It was just a dumb and useless question. So why was I so obsessed with it? It’s like the minute I remembered about it, I stopped feeling happy and refreshed. No… The feeling that I felt was frustration.

I desperately wanted to see if she answered. I was so frustrated with myself for not checking a stupid text message. I said to myself “screw this. No one will even know”. It was just bugging me so much, I couldn’t focus on anything but the text.

All of the sudden, I reach for my phone and… I hear this weird loud noise. “What the hell is happening in my house”, I thought. I went upstairs and searched for where the noise came from. It was my dad. He was mowing our lawn and when I went outside he yelled” “hey maya, wanna help me?”. I replied “sure” thinking I’ve got nothing better to do; I can’t concentrate anyways.

So I went to my dad, and we talked. But not faked talked like when we talk during a movie, or when we go on a walk and I’m always on my phone taking selfies. But like seriously talked about school and about what I want to do in my future and I really bonded with him.

I helped him clean our garden and plant some flowers and I actually had a lot of fun.

My dad brought a desk and a chair outside, and he created for me a little office in my backyard. It was so cute! I brought all my books and I started studying. I started making notes for tests, I finished writing essays, I started assignments and I was so productive. Who knew that having a phone can take all the concentration and focus away from you.

Like seriously!

The next morning, after reading for two hours (which is something that I literally never do), I decided that I am going to challenge myself to one more day without technology. I said to myself “Maya, if you survived 24 hours, you can survive 48!”. The clock struck 10. I smiled to myself and said “24 more hours Maya, you can do it!”.

After 5 minutes I was scrolling through snapchat streaks and answering them quickly so I won’t lose any more streaks than I already have.

Guess I did accomplish more than 24 hours after all. I didn’t use technology for 24 hours and 5 minutes.

Good enough, ah?

I dare you to try the no tech challenge. Let’s see if you suceed…