My Bird’s Eye View of the Stand Up To Cancer Scientific Summit
Katie Couric

Like most cancer charities SU2C appears to grossly underfund lung cancer compared to other cancers. Lung cancer is far and away the biggest cancer killer but only one SU2C dream team focusses on it while there are 3 dream teams for pancreatic cancer which kills about a quarter as many people as lung cancer in the US.


Unfortunately the stigma associated with lung cancer, i.e. that it is a smoker’s disease, has led to decades of underfunding compared to breast, colon and other cancers. About 20% of all women who get lung cancer, though, never smoked, and many others are former smokers who quit years, if not decades earlier. All cancer victims deserve public support. No one asked for their disease.

Pancreatic cancer has also been historically underfunded compared to its toll on society which is why survival has barely budged in the past decades unlike the better funded cancers like breast and prostrate.

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