How to drastically shift your thinking and positioning

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The time has come for marketers to get their 💩 together. Literally — grab the last rolls of toilet paper from the supermarket and get to work. Marketing has shifted to a new landscape of fear, compassion, enhanced community engagement, with a crashing economy. It’s time to start getting human about our marketing.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. These times are no joke, and it’s likely to affect us for quite some time. We need to face reality: Marketers can’t just wait for this thing to pass. We need to be agile and creative. …

Why we should value empathy and harness our intuition

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Must. Be Data. Driven.

Everything today is data-driven. It’s undeniable and impossible to ignore. It’s no longer enough for job candidates to be driven — they must be data-driven. It’s hard to believe that this is the reality — when I first learned about marketing in college, we were taught about harnessing our creativity, thinking outside the box, and building impactful campaigns that spoke to the public.

Today, the reality of marketing is that you can’t even send an email without some data-backed evidence to support it. I’ll admit, I’m the last person to doubt the power of data. …


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