Why does fear control so much over us?

Where does fear come from?

Why is it such a strong emotion?

Why are negative emotions always stronger than positive ones?

Take control over your fear. Examine why exactly you are scared. Is there a reason to be?

If not why are you scared then? Are those just thoughts made up in your head?



This is probably one of my favorite charts. I think you can transfer this onto the emotion of fear almost as well.

Do you have something to be afraid of in your life?

Yes? Can you do something about it?

  • NO Then let’s examine the situation and find a solution.
  • YES Then why are you scared?

No? Then why are you scared?

We need to relax. Stop wanting to control things in our lives. Take a deep breath to let our souls calm.

Don’t let your emotions control you. Every emotion is okay, but not how we act on them is always appropiate.

You are the master of your journey. You can make your life what you want it to be.

So take a deep breath and breathe.

I know it’s a process to think like that. Take your time, but please take the next step.