Ocean and Waves

I want to be held. Like the ocean when it’s free. Let me live. Let me breathe. You are my savior. You are my light. I want to burst just like the waves. The ocean looks so gentle but can destroy when it decides to. The waves are so strong you would never think that. You’ve got that inside you. That strength.

I want to feel when the sun touches my hair and my face. How love comes in my life and I feel whole. Where were you you will ask. What if we’d just live. Live to our fullest. Stop thinking and start feeling. Imagine what could happen. Amazing things. Don’t you think?

Photo by: Martin Strattner

I love the air because it makes me feel alive. I love that it gives me the ability to live. Where would I be without air. Start breathing truly. Your holding your breath. Let go. Those are your emotions. Let them break free so you can take a deep deep breath. You’ll feel so much better, believe me.

Your emotions are sacred. Take care of them. Take care of yourself. You are sacred. Don’t you believe? Do you treat yourself like that? What if that were your best friend? Would you talk to her like that? Wouldn’t you want her to talk to you about your feelings? See… you would. Why are you being dishonest to yourself? You are supposed to be your best friend because you are the only person that will always be there for you. Take a deep breath and speak.

When I write I don’t think, all I do is feel. Follow me for more on Medium Maya Rose or Instagram: maya.rose96