Who is Maya Rose?

My Name is Maya, I am 20 years old and I started my fitness journey 2 years ago. At that point I never thought I would ever have an fitness account or start a nutrition and motivational blog. But here I am and I am not complaining.

Most of the things I have in my life I worked for. If it’s my body, relationships, knowledge or happiness. I’ve learned that nothing in life comes easy. (Un)fortunately my life story wasn’t a ideal story from the book. I’ve had many ups and downs, more downs but have always made my way out of them. The reason why I wrote (Un)fortunately is, because I wouldn’t be the person I am today with all these things that have happend to me. I’ve lost many people in life and had to experience horrible things at a young age so I wouldn’t say they were a blessing but because I took action one day, decided to no longer be the victim of my life, I am a happy ambitious young woman who is aspiring to become a fitness model and to influence others to make the best out of their potential.

Through my blog I want to motivate YOU to make the best out of your life and that you can get anywhere no matter where you are right now. Because I have been at such a low point in life I know how it is to be frustrated, depressed and hopeless but I also KNOW that that is just a part of life and definitely NOT the end of it and I know I can show you how to make the weight that is dragging you down lighter.

Yes I might not be a famous fitness model YET but I am much further than two years, two months or even two days ago, because I am constantly working on myself and that is what I am asking you to do! I am really looking forward to this journey with you and I am happy about any feedback, questions or messages about YOUR journey.

As I’ve said I have been working out for 2 years now. I go to the gym 4–5 times a week, go for a run twice a week and I am currently learning how to box. I am always open for new things and love mixing up my workout routine with different kind of sports.
 I also love to help, which is why I am currently planning a charity event in my home town. It will be my first charity event ever so I am very excited about it and I’m looking forward to it a lot.

My other favorite hobby after weight lifting is cooking, which is why I am also starting this blog. I’d like to show you all my awesome recipes, how I eat, which foods I think are best and what kind of nutrition is best in my opinion.
 Why use my recipes? Why should you be interested in my nutriton? Well I believe that you can eat and be lean without starving yourself and without restricting yourself from all the delicious foods on this planet. You just got to know how to do it right!