America — please wake up!

America — please wake up!

As one of your newer citizens, I reserve the right to be one of your bigger critics.
I chose this country as my new home country for a lot of great reasons:
Innovation, freedom , beauty, diversity.
But I can also see through the myth of it all.
Home of the brave and land of the free?
Not too sure …

You wage war on everything, arm your citizens against themselves, arm your protectors against your people , arm your people against your nature .
How many times can we cry out against internal and external terrorism and the use of guns against the innocent and get the same reactions and inactions ? The same mythology that doesn’t respect the victims and doesn’t respect our intelligence?
How can we continue polluting our waters, fracking our lands and raping our nature and still get the answer that we need to continue “growing our economy” because there must be “progress” and it’s all about “economies of scale” so we can make the stockholders of the mass monsters of capitalism happy?

How could we as a people, allow a bigoted, misogynistic, narcissistic and horrific reality show, failed business person, failed human being, become a
Presidential nominee?
Has this country lost its collective mind that a despicable human being like that sounds like an option ?
When white-haired elders, who talk about equality, climate change and regulating the banks are viewed in absentia in mainstream media for their “radical ideas”. We know we have a problem…
How can we still believe the “good guy with the gun” theory,
When lately we cannot even point to who is a good guy anymore?
How do we let a big part of our population be so marginalized, beaten, insulted , assaulted again and again?
Attacked everywhere verbally, physically and sexually for being female, LGBTQI, ethnic or immigrant ? 
How did we let this story get so out of hand, so twisted to the point that the tales of conspiracy theorists are starting to make so much sense?

Because we all know it deep inside, we all sense it.
Something is really, really wrong with us, with our systems, with our whole system. It’s our own psychosis that is playing out on reality’s board game.

The Algonquian Indians called this Wetiko — a diabolically wicked person or spirit who terrorizes and cannibalizes others by means of evil acts. And we all share in this psychosis.

But if we all share in this psychosis — we can all heal from it together.
By seeing the system, the monstrosity for what it really is, and taking responsibility for our place in it, we can change the system from within and without, by building new systems that will make this one obsolete.

We’ve done this before in our history of the world. We can do it again — but this time — let us hope we do it in solidarity and respect to all beings, everywhere.

As an optimist I believe we create our own reality and can shape our own story. So I invite your to shape the other America’s story. A story and place that celebrates diversity. A people that honor, protect and regenerate nature. That sees our animals brethren as part of this land.
A place that supports your tired, your poor, your huddled masses and encourages, empowers and nourishes them.
That’s the place I want to live in.
That’s the place I take responsibility in creating.
What place and story are you creating ?