Peace is a Practice

Peace is that word that evokes visions of a planet and of a humanity that works together, communes, protects and enlivens nature.

For me it brings pastoral scenes of rolling hills, of quiet nature.

It’s that longing to a place, a time, a feeling we would all like to have as a daily reality.

When we ask to imagine Peace on Earth — what do we see?

Do we have a collective imagination to what this may be, feel, look like?

I believe we don’t. As the notion of a Peace that is constant is an impossibility. There is no constant on this earth as the only constant is change. Thus the notion of a lasting Peace on Earth, even in the Star Trek mythological way, is unrealistic.

So how do we create Peace on Earth?

Well — we develop a Culture of Peace.

The Culture of Peace according to UNESCO:

The culture of peace and non-violence is a commitment to peace-building, mediation, conflict prevention and resolution, peace education, education for non-violence, tolerance, acceptance, mutual respect, intercultural and interfaith dialogue and reconciliation

It’s not a being only — it is a practice. Something you do everyday, to develop, as a muscle until you are doing that without thinking. It becomes part of what makes you who you are.

For us to create a world that works for all beings we need to be in our daily, moment to moment practice of Peace which will help develop our Culture of Peace.

It is how we do the most important work in our lives — practice, practice, practice.

Happy International Peace Day — May Peace be Practiced on Earth!

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