Parents whose children disappeared decades ago are turning to the world’s biggest social network as a lifeline.

The first post Lilian Esperanza Alvarado ever made on Facebook was a plea: “i need to find two people.”

It was September 2012, and she’d bought her first computer and a pay-as-you-go modem. Typing at home felt strange, like she was living in an internet café, as she’d never had…

Great Escape

Years of deterrence tactics have not prevented Central American immigrants from coming to the U.S. But they have to deal with the consequences of past deportations.

On the day Carlos’ stepfather died, the television was playing its usual parade of police sirens and dead bodies. It’s part of the daily buzz in Tegucigalpa, the congested capital of Honduras. Carlos was paying little attention, but when he received a panicked call from his mother, he took a…

Maya Averbuch

Freelance journalist based in Mexico City. @mayaaverbuch

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