October 21, 2015 2:10–3:30

We learned of a special story of Telemachus called, Telemachia. In class, they also discussed, Menalaus and his grief involving his son. We also discussed the small introduction in the Odyssey we get of Menelaus and Helen’s relationship. Helen is kind of annoying because, she DID almost get Menalaus and his men killed all because, she loved the company of the Trojans. Just because, she is the most beautiful woman around is just so irratating D: ….anyway, Helen’s recollection of how the times went were from a different perspective. She realized the love she had for Menelaus and how he was a good husband to her in comparison to Paris’ potential.

Sophrosume- self restraint


How does Nausicaa compare to Calypso and Penelope?

There isnt much to say about Nausicaa except that she is beautiful and that she is another woman that is in love with Odysseus.

Are the Phaeacians heroic? Is there king a good leader?

They have good xenia! Helping Odysseus was certainty a very nice thing to do that's for sure…


October 22, 2015 2:10–3:30

So….the quiz was very detail oriented. I did horribly because, this time around I didn't focus on the small details of the story! I am very worried about my progress in this course. I thought I would catch my footing but, have yet to to do so. What to do?


We discussed the quiz and went over the story. We talked about the people’s collections. I personally collect music records and food…..just kidding..or am I? No but, what’s interesting is that I never thought about what I collect and what I dont collect. If i was to collect anything it would never be intentional.


October 23, 2015 12am-2am

Athena is once again changing her appearance. She disguises herself as Nausicaa’s friend. She intervenes by going to her in a dream and letting her know that she needed to wash her clothes to reel in the men. She looks like Artemis and as they are down by the river and run into Odysseus she shows the courage that Athena gave to her. There is a sudden attraction between them I feel, not only because he is naked and Athena makes him good looking but because, she keeps him on his toes. Odysseus gets directions to the palace and is instructed to go to the garden and find her mom to supplicate her. I really am liking this book and hope to continue on the journey this way! I feel like I have a good understanding of the material.


october 24, 2015 5:00pm-9:45pm

The little girl Athena is disguised as takes Odysseus to the palace and tells him about the Phacieans. Odysseus gets into the garden and finally supplicates the mother. Everyone comes to Odysseus and the Queen questions his attire he of course lies and the King offers his daughters hand to him. The next book, starts off with a song sung about the war resulting in Odysseus crying. They play games and as the night moves on Odysseus asks to hear the song again. He cries again and the king asks about who he really is. The next book talks about Odysseus and his going home. We read about Calypso and her story and then we go into the Kikonias where they acted a damn fool, left and went to Lotus Eaters island. Lotus arent good though because you lose your memory and stay there forever. They then move to Calypso’s place where he makes a fire and offers Cyclops. Cyclops isn’t having it and LITERALLY gobbles up human beings. Odysseus tries to fight back but, realizes that this simply cannot be done unless he gets more strength and moves the boulder. He then proceeds to poke his eye out, hiding under a ram, he then escapes. He then goes crazy and tells Cyclops who he is and all of his information. ( like….why?) Cyclops asks his dad to curse him on the way home..Posiedon does so.


October 26th 2015 3:00am- 5:00am

Why does Odysseus agree to tell his story to the Phaeacians?

The king sees that Odysseus has been crying at the mention of the war. Odysseus finally decides to tell his story at these people are being so repsectful and nice to him.

What does it mean to be “civilized”? Are the people that Odysseus encounters in his wanderings civilized? Why or why not?

I think being civilized is keeping your wits about you. People who can live forever or the Gods are civilized. People like Calypso and Cyclops are not civilized because, they are not keeping there wits about them. Ino and the people from the Phacieans are wonderfully civilized and help him however they can.