Triple Threat, NaeSketchie, Masters the Businesses of Entertainment, Artist Management, and Fashion

Maya Douglass
3 min readJul 15, 2020


Chief Executive Officer, Joel “NaeSketchie’’ Molina, is a multifaceted entrepreneur who oversees various brands, which includes his pride and joy Sketchie Entertainment. Sketchie Entertainment is an uprising record label and the undefeated, well-known, most respected Uptown promoting team in the nightlife of New York City. This trademark was born within Nae’s business ventures while being a lifestyle/nightlife mogul. He took his networking skills to the next level, ran with it and hasn’t looked back since.

His label journey began over a decade ago when he decided to manage the now known as first lady of Sketchie Entertainment, Roc-Nation affiliated, Angelica Vila, who is also his niece. Angelica’s career is in great hands, not only because she is signed to the world’s biggest entertainment agency, Roc Nation, but also because along with being managed by Sketchie Entertainment, she is also managed by Bronx Native, Billboard Latin Music Awards winner, Fat Joe. Nae mentioned that Angelica Vila’s first studio recorded album is expected to drop by late July / beginning of August 2020. He didn’t mention the title,

Said is a secret. but he did tell us that Tory Lanez, Jacquees, London on the Track, and Kmajor ; just to name a few will be featured and are producing this project.

The success of his niece’s career has inspired him into expanding his label and working with more upcoming artists. Nae’s is looking to sign his next golden ticket in which he desires to be a young, creative uptown originated, and beyond skillful, Shimmy Choo. Nae says Shimmy is the next Travis Scott.

Along with running Sketchie Entertainment, Nae runs a unique Luxury Clothing Line, MAZCO Original. Just like Sketchie Entertainment, MAZCO Original has has been a success throughout its years. MAZCO came from his spontaneous desire in having his own clothing brand. As a diverse entrepreneur, this comes with being involved in different aspects of businesses. Nae knew that with his skills he could master the fashion industry as well. MAZCO is built to make consumers feel and look great. The goal is give back to his community and give them the luxury experience and feeling as if they were consumers of high end luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton but at an affordable rate.

Nae stated, “I love fashion, it takes me about 3 outfit to 1 hour to get dressed, I always want to look fly and different from others.”

“The origins of the name, MAZCO itself was from my wanting for the name to be catchy, original, and exclusive. After creating the original logo modeled after a frog, which “Maco” translated to English is frog, the name MAZCO was born after adding a Z in the name.”

Nae continued and said, “I dropped the original frog logo and incorporated a new logo involving red, blue and yellow.”

The red represents fire, the yellow represents the sun and the blue represents water equating to LIFE. This is what he wants MAZCO to represent. He wants you to feel good when wearing MAZCO and LIVE MAZCO. Ever since then, he’s been selling out MAZCO at various clothing stores and building an online store to facilitate to build MAZCO into the brand he wants it to be and eventually bring it to as many people as possible.

It doesn’t stop there Naesketchie is well known for his epic, one of a kind events which brings thousands of people together and Top Chart Celebrities in various nightclub of Uptown NYC, from the Kardashians, to Cardi B, French Montana, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled and MANY MORE. Throughout his journey he has accomplished many victories.

Let’s just call NaeSketchie Uptown’s King Midas, because everything he touches turns into gold. “I’ve witnessed everything growing up but, I always talked to God and I told him that whatever path it is that I may take I hope to become the greatest at it. I decided to build from the ground up, and I have conquered the entertainment, music and fashion industry. Some may feel like I’ve hit the jackpot, but I am still not where I dream to be, but for a fact I am getting there and one day I will have New York City on lock. Take my word on that.”

To follow his journey, you can add him on Instagram @naesketchie