Subsidized Spirit Wear !

“I remember being ecstatic about finally becoming an official Blue Jay at Hopkins. I had worked hard in high school. Now, I had finally made it to the university campus that used to be an imagined reality in my head. That excitement encouraged me to wear my growing pride with specialized spirit wear, exclusively found at the Barnes and Nobles right around the corner from my dorm. Unfortunately, my bubble of jubilance became short-lived when I saw the prices on each of the items. $60 for a long sleeve shirt…..$30 for a hat??? Even the sale items were too much for what little money I had to spend. I was already investing so much money into the school, and I still had to pay a lot just to represent it. Sadly, I left the store empty-handed, wishing one day the prices would magically drop to more affordable numerical values. They haven’t since.”

As students, I think each and every person should have the opportunity to represent their school at an affordable price. Some students are able to easily purchase the items offered to us, but others like me can’t, leaving us constantly wishing to be able to wear the attractive spirit wear too.

As a prospective senator, I hope to develop a program that allows students who cannot afford the spirit wear an opportunity to do so and also designate a select few items that are in a more affordable price range that is set at a ceiling of $25–30 and a floor of $5–10 dollars (and also be just as cool as the other types of clothing). This program would be designed in such a way that all students can shop from the significantly reduced item section, but students of a certain income bracket would be able to purchase select items out of the Barnes and Nobles store for a discounted price (it would be modified for them specifically).

In order to implement this program, I would first talk with the the SGA board and the Hopkins Financial Aid Office about the parameters of the program and receive their insight. I will also set-up a meeting with President Daniels regarding his ideas on the new program. From there if approved, the specific structural aspects of the program will be finalized and we’ll all be joyful jays!