Adaptability vs. Originality

When Facebook was initially created, Mark Zuckerberg’s main goal was to connect users through the new-born concept of a “News Feed.” When it was first implemented, users couldn’t get enough of it — and they still can’t. However, the move towards the smart phone era has enabled Facebook to re-think its online platform. When Facebook acquired Instagram, everyone knew what the company’s main priority was: move towards mobile. Ever since Snapchat gained mass popularity, Facebook has been adapting to a new sphere and even implemented their own version of “stories” on both Facebook’s and Instagram’s news feed. Because we live in a world where we rely more on our smartphones than laptops, Facebook’s move towards the small screen was a move from originality to adaptability.

For the most part, companies in the Valley must deal with rapid change constantly. Facebook’s motto “move fast and break things” isn’t plastered on the office walls for no reason. When people get involved with technology, they must approach change with alacrity and adapt to changes as much as they can, even if that means altering the original interface. With Facebook, they did what had to be done in terms of adapting to a new mobile platform, Snapchat. The great thing about Facebook is that it has the resources to adapt and interact with new startups and companies. For Snapchat, they are moving more towards having a physical presence e.g. Spectacles. Although Facebook has entered the virtual reality space with Oculus, it has been relied more heavily on updating its mobile presence with adapting to the new features that Snapchat has laid down on the table.

Facebook has revolutionzed the way we live and communicate with other users. I do not see their new features as “copying” Snapchat, because for most tech companies, adapting to change means outsmarting the competition in a way that they see fit. With Facebook and Snapchat, the two companies are moving towards similar goals, but their endgame is different. As seen in Snapchat’s IPO, the company favors a presence in the video/photography sphere by changing the way people remember their memories. As a result, Facebook is planning to update their image, without forgetting their original motto.