Amazon’s Ambitious Move Outside the Virtual Space

Jeff Bezos is infamous for being a visionary. He, of course, had the brilliant idea to create Amazon, a platform where anyone, anywhere could shop for anything on one site. This past week, Bezos unveiled his new plans for the company at a conference on robotics and artificial intelligence. While climbing into a full-scale robot suit, Bezos informed the wide-eyed techies in the crowd of how Amazon is expanding away from its online home.

Many people question why Bezos might want to expand further from the online sphere when Amazon was created for the sole purpose of enhancing the online shopping experience. However, Bezos wants to create a full-flegded attack on the retail world. To do so, he plans to develop the company on all fronts. Most of Bezos’ ideas for physical stores stand by the buzz words of’s mission statement: fast, efficient, and inexpensive. With Amazon convenience stores already being opened (e.g. AmazonGo), Bezos plans to unleash a new type of experience by using artificial intelligence and virtual reality to help consumers buy home appliances, furniture, and electronics.

Considering the fact that people have yet to see Amazon’s delivery drones fully take flight (literally), many critics believe that Amazon’s main focus will be the user’s online shopping experience. However, company executives are warming up more and more to the idea of enhancing the shopping experience in terms of buying food — something that many customers prefer to do in person. Although I personally love the idea of having groceries delivered to me through Prime Pantry, unfortunately, fresh veggies and fruits weren’t made to survive in cardboard boxes.

Whether or not Amazon chooses to go full-force with the idea of opening brick-and-mortar stores, its online space will forever remain a haven. Physicality is certainly a move upwards in the right direction.

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