Are We Nickel-And-Diming Our Friends With Mobile Payment Apps?
Meghan Modafferi

I unabashedly love Venmo. Echoing other commenters who live in the early 20s/entry-level zone, $15 is a lot more important to me than it might be for some. And I viscerally hate the feeling of owing people money and having to remember that I owe people money — it’s the only thing I hate more than knowing my friend owes me money and debating whether to bring it up or let that money go forever. Yuck.

Also also, I don’t always hang out with my forever friends — as a young lass in NYC, I hang out with friends of friends that I enjoy the company of but cheerfully will never see them again, so it’s harder for that money to come out in the wash.

Venmo clears up all that doubt. I don’t think of it as nickel and dime-ing, I think of it as answering finance questions in a relatively quick and easy fashion instead of the “well I paid for this but you paid for that but I paid for this” dance.

But hey! Instead of a tit-for-tat app, how about this one that divides stuff up based on gender and racial inequality?

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