A judge in Alabama is still fighting marriage equality. Here’s why the country should care.

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore has issued an order barring judges in the state from granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples. That’s not only offensive to LGBT Americans and everyone who fought for equality — it’s unconstitutional.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled that the right to marry is a fundamental right, protected by the equal protection and due process guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In other words: Marriage equality is the law of the land. In all 50 states. Including Alabama.

Remember this?

Here’s the most frightening part of Justice Moore’s actions: He is far from alone. There are still too many people who are determined to stand in the way of progress, even as the rest of the country moves forward. And some of those people want to be your next president.

Every single Republican candidate opposes marriage equality. Some have suggested that they would only appoint Supreme Court justices (something the next president is likely to do multiple times) who will vote to overturn the historic rulings in U.S. v. Windsor and Obergefell v. Hodges. Others have gone out of their way to make hateful, insulting comments. None support federal protections against the discrimination too many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans still endure in states across the country.

“There are still judges who are determined to stand in the way of people’s rights. There are still politicians who argue the court got it wrong and states should ignore its ruling. We need to ensure that marriage equality is guaranteed and enforced nationwide. And we need to fight discrimination against LGBT Americans wherever it occurs.” — Hillary Clinton

In January, 2017, President Obama — an historic champion for LGBT rights — will leave the White House, and a new president will take his place. That president has to be committed to continuing the fight for full and meaningful equality — not someone who will rip away all the progress we’ve made.

When the Supreme Court ruled last June, Hillary Clinton said their decision “represents our country at its best: inclusive, open, and striving towards true equality.” As secretary of state, she worked to advance LGBT equality within the State Department and stood up for LGBT rights abroad, declaring on the global stage that “gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.” On the campaign trail, she has called for comprehensive protections against discrimination and the need to take on the crisis of violence facing transgender women, especially women of color. And as president, she will fight for LGBT Americans and their families every single day.

People like Justice Moore and the Republican candidates do not represent our nation at its best. They want to stand in the doorway of progress and block our path to a future where all Americans have full and equal rights. But we will not be dragged back into the past. With Hillary Clinton as our president, we will keep moving forward to a time when all Americans can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, no matter who they are or who they love.

Read more about Hillary Clinton’s plan to support LGBT Americans here.

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