Lani Vincoli — Website Redesign


Lani Vincoli is a jewelry brand that raises the bar for fine jewelry. In this project we had two weeks to build a digital product or service based on own vision, research, findings and the UX/UI process.

I chose Lani Vincoli to refresh their website to by finding a way to increase sales and website traffic.


How might we? Make our users feel comfortable and taken care of while making a big purchase on Lani Vincoli to promote revenue and long term customers.


  • High pricing on Lani needs more reliability behind it. …


Fourth week at IronHack and I’m feeling motivated, using the tools of UX more effectively and fully understanding the process is making me more confident with my work.

This week we have the project: Curated Event Microsite — I have been hired to design a ready-to-build website for a festival of my choice that will take place next year. My partner and I Delawit Assefa were excited to take on this project in a four-day sprint. …


This week at IronHack we have been given the project: Add-A-Feature. This project focused on an already existing and highly adopted app, we have to incorporate a new feature into the existing product. The feature we develop has to be backed up by our research and use our UX tools to discover, define, ideate, and deliver.




Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. You can listen to music, discover new music, learn about your artists, see familiar artists and listen to podcasts. With playlists curated just for you or…


Today completes my second week at IronHack in Miami, Florida. Methods that we learned in last weeks Wicked Problem project gave me the tools to come up with the most valuable concept for this weeks project. Local E-Commerce — Re-designing a local Miami shops website to improve their presence online.

My partner Dave and I had to complete our project in a four day sprint, we chose a local pie shop called Pink Pie.

“Don’t be shy, try some pie!”

Pink Pie

Founded in 2016, Pink Pie opened at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, FL; after the success in…

My first week completed at IronHack UX/UI design school in Miami and I’m feeling so motivated! We started the cohort with our first project: Wicked Problems — Design Challenge.

What is a Wicked Problem?

“In the 21st century, “wicked problems” appear at every turn. Wicked problems, as defined by design theorist Horst W. J. Rittel and city planning professor Melvin M. Webber in the 1970s, are complex social or cultural problems with an unknown number of potential solutions.” — Urban Policy


Wireframing is a way to design a website service at the structural level, a wireframe is a two-dimensional skeletal outline of a webpage or app. Wireframes show page structure, layout, user flow, and functionality. Wireframes take into account user needs and user journeys, they are used early in development before visual design and content is added.

For the second challenge at IronHack, we had to create a wireframe on our choice of app and ‘reverse engineer’ by showing the Interaction Design and User Flow.

Using Sketch, I made a wireframe using Apple Music display as an example. …

UrbanGo is a startup app from Silicon Valley, by using the Design Thinking principle I will be able to find the solution UrbanGo needs to be fully successful and convenient for users.

UrbanGo is a public transit and mapping app designed for users commuting locally and abroad. The main goal of UrbanGo is to find the smoothest transport routes.

UrbanGo accommodates users in all aspects, looking at factors like traffic, pricing and comfortable ways of transportation.

How UrbanGo works: The user will put in their point A (start point) and point B (end destination). The app will generate different routes…


UX/UI Designer. Graphic Designer.

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