Gone exploring, round 3

Poetic smart phone horror (an up and coming genre):

Oxymorons that shed light, and clothes we don’t wear but should:

“I’m in a strictly non-ageist band”



Personified shoes:

Oscars alternate ending (you know, like in Clue, where you can pick from three endings? it’s like that)

A pub featuring 100% true (and sobering) accidents:

OD’ing on lYfe hAcKs:

Alternative nostalgia:

Ft. kelly catchpole, Klara Theophilo, Sarah Wooke, Aaronious Holdings, Inc, Jessie Singer, Julien Samson, Claire Stone, Steven Markow, and ChristyWrites

Gone exploring, round 1

Dream jobs and periods:

Featuring original Sharpie artwork:

“My vagina is waging a war against me” and other relatable things:

Writer’s block ramblings:

Prose-y poetry … prosetry?

Responsorial psalm:

Love me some charts, choo chooooo:

Creepy fic:

Mini-meditation on kindness:

BFF nudity:

Sobering realities that need to be shared:

Fiction that feels:


Maya Kachroo-Levine

writer, editor, consultant. really into stove-top popcorn.

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