In addition we have an employment problem in this country with 90 million not working and the last thing we need is more unskilled labor which is mostly what we are getting
I have given specific examples of LaRaza funding student groups on over 50 West Coast campuses that…

About the employment problem — first, field work (harvesting crops, for example) is not is not unskilled labor and a brief lookup of the news surrounding what happened in Alabama shows emphatically that natural born Americans of any age and class cannot and/or will not do it. Just google “Alabama immigrant workers” to see all the hits from 2011/12 when they passed restrictive immigration laws and their workforce disappeared.

Farmers tried hiring “native” workers—the unemployed, college and high school students, even prisoners of the state. It all failed because the work was too hard physically and because the workers lacked the skills to harvest the crops without damaging the produce and the plants. You can read all about it in any number of news articles like this one:

The same thing happened in Georgia.

Even here in California, we are struggling with a dearth of skilled farm labor because immigration is down. Farmers are having trouble getting the field hands they need to harvest their crops and we are paying exorbitant amounts for fruit and some vegetables because of it.

The death of the middle class is caused by greed, but it’s not the greed of immigrants, documented or otherwise. This country has many problems and many of those problems are caused by the greed of people with enough power to, for example, keep legislators from coming up with immigration policy that meets the needs of agriculture and other sectors while protecting the human rights of the laborers.

Groups like La Raza exist because no one else seems interested in protecting those rights or those human beings. To some people, they are not fellow men and women, but a problem to be solved, an infestation to be eradicated. I pray you are not one of those people.

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