First, Logically prove Trump is a racist for calling out a judge of Mexican heritage who is a…

First, logically prove that La Raza advocates giving the Western US back to Mexico.

Second, the judge belongs to La Raza Lawers Association, which is not the same as La Raza (which is an organization that promotes civil rights for Hispanics and Latinos. I note that the late Judge Antonin Scalia, God bless his soul, was a member of the Italian-Amerian Lawyers Association. Was that a conflict of interest, do you think?

Third, I have to ask what you call it when someone accuses a judge (one who had the courage to take on Mexican drug cartels) of not being capable of doing his job because “he’s Mexican” or “of Mexican heritage.” That is, as Paul Ryan pointed out, the textbook definition of racism—the belief that a person’s attitudes and capacities are determined by their race. Judge Curiel was, as I’m sure you know, born and raised in the United States. Yes, he had forbears from Mexico, but then Mr. Trump’s forebears are also from abroad—they are German. Should this fact cause us to assume things about Mr. Trump?

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