LaRaza is no way is exclusively Mexican, they include anyone who is Hispanic from south of the…

I agree with you about the tenor of what passes for public discourse; I have found my mother’s wisdom about name-calling and hyberbole to be on the money: Don’t indulge in either, because in so doing, you tacitly admit your position is factually, rationally or logically weak.

But in what way is the pathetic state of public discourse ameliorated by making hyperbolic accusations against ethnic civil rights organizations? Accusations that you still have not substantiated with any facts.

You keep saying that these “south of the border” Hispanic groups (that would be Latino, if they’re from south of the border, btw) “are no friend to the American people.” First, please be specific; what are they doing that is anti-American? Second, millions of American citizens are of Hispanic or Latino heritage, just as millions of American citizens are of Polish, Jewish, German, Japanese or hundreds of other ethnic heritages. Most of us are a mixed bag.

Are you suggesting that of all those groups, Latinos and Hispanics are working against the rest of us or against our national interests when they form groups to support their ethnic communities and work for their civil rights?

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