Let’s put it like this, Italian is a nationality, LaRaza is an organization.

“Italian is a nationality, LaRaza is an organization.”

Those two things don’t equate. Yes, Italian is a nationality, and Mexican is a nationality. La Raza is Spanish for “the People” meaning, in this case, the Mexican people. So, La Raza and Italian are both direct references to nationalities; one is in Spanish, the other in English.

However, the Italian-American Lawyers Association is also an organization, just as La Raza (the Mexican People’s) Lawyers Association is an organization. So is the National Conference of Black Lawyers—which would be the equivalent organization for African American lawyers. These three organization are comparable.

La Raza, the Hispanic civil rights organization, is not the same thing as the lawyers’ group that uses the same name, so that’s really not germane to a discussion of Judge Curiel’s capacity for objectivity. Again, this is a man who sat in judgement of drug cartel members that shared his ethnic background and whose judgements against them put his life in danger. That would require not only objectivity but substantial courage, as well.

Both Judge Curiel and Judge Scalia were members of lawyers’ organizations based around their ethnic identities. There is nothing wrong with this in either case, is there?

I note you did not provide any evidence that La Raza (the civil rights group) has any desire to return the Western States to Mexico. Do you have a citation for that?

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