LaRaze does not mean the people…it means “THE RACE,” you are parsing, they are an organization hell…

No, I’’m not the one doing the “parsing.” La Raza refers to the Mexican “race”, the Mexican people. It is a reference to an ethnic group, just as Italian, Polish, African-American are references to ethnic groups. The La Raza Lawyers Association is no different than any other professional organization of any other ethnic group.

Again, you have shown no indication that you understand that the lawyers association to which Judge Curiel belongs is a completely different organization than The National Council of La Raza. Do you, in fact, understand that? You can look it up online. A number of states have La Raza Lawyers Associations that organize at the state level. The national organization to which Judge Curiel belongs is the Hispanic National Bar Association. Is this different from Judge Scalia belonging to an Italian-American Lawyers Association? If so, please explain.

And, again, you have offered no empirical evidence that any of these legal professional’s organizations or The National Council of La Raza ( is “hell bent on turning the Western United States into Mexico North.” You keep repeating that, but you seem to have no real basis for doing so.

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