A behind the scenes look at building A.I. experiments with dance legend Bill T. Jones

As a creative technologist at the Google Creative Lab, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Bill T. Jones to create Body, Movement, Language, an online collection of A.I. sketches. This is where we ended up, but technically, how did we get there?

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Over the past 5 months, our team has been working with legendary choreographer Bill T. Jones and his company to explore how A.I., and more specifically PoseNet, could be used in combination with dance. PoseNet is Google’s machine learning model that can estimate human pose from an image or video in a web browser.

The Creative Lab has previously experimented with PoseNet: Move Mirror lets you search 80,000 images with your movement and Creatability makes creative tools more accessible on the web. This project raised a new question: How would pioneering artist Bill T. Jones use PoseNet as an instrument for creation?


Maya Man

artist and technologist, currently @Google Creative Lab www.mayaontheinter.net

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