How important is your brand to you?

There are no shortcuts in marketing that can bring you real value

So, you are very excited about finally starting to build your business or your startup. Weeks and months of researching, building, and developing ideas have brought you to this point; you have a good idea in hand, and you are building a business around it. The next step is to determine how to market and brand it.

The Name

Your brand name is very important. Some people think that a good name powers the brand, but the truth is, if you do not have a good product, it does not matter what your name is; it will mean nothing. Is Facebook, Snapchat or Pinterest are great names? If your product rocks, it will build the brand’s name over time. So keep focusing on marketing, sales and growing.

Showing Off

Now, you are ready to launch your product to the world. Social media is one of the best ways to start and build your community. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, and Instagram are full of consumers and B2B audiences. Every business should research where their target audiences are spending time and engaging. It may be all of the social platforms, and it may be some of them. The trick is to choose the ones that you can handle at the current stage of your company’s development, and that will have the most impact. It is better not to have an account on a platform on which you do not have enough time or human resources to invest all you have into building a community, which will lead to sales in the long run.


Your marketing strategy is critical in this sensitive stage. You have all of the right hooks running in your mind and all of the prizes you can get from the efforts of investing in this strategy but then comes temptation. In a world when you are getting immediate feedback from your audience, it is hard to stand and resist shortcuts. Then comes the question about how valuable your brand is to you.

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage” — Amy Jo Martin

The Biggest Mistake

I have seen many shortcuts to gain followers on social media. The worst is buying followers from websites that sell followers packages by categories or any other “fabulous idea.” Yes, it is very nice to have 100,000 fans in the first week. Your brand has the most significant innovation in the last decade, and by next week, people will probably be so into it that the number will double. It will surely be fun to present these stats in a pitch and a meeting with a new investor. However, it is the worst thing you can do to your brand, and here is why:

Permanent Impact

The damage has been done. You social media account is filled with fake followers. The first loss is the money you spent on them; that $200, $500, or $1500 could have been used smarter during this critical stage. However, you just threw away all of the strategies you built with so much effort: All of your content strategies with relevant context, a video you produced about what the company is all about or what your product is, all of these are gone in a blink of an eye. When you start executing the strategy and posting on social media, it will fall on the eyes and ears of robots. Yes, maybe, somehow, you will get some real followers, but how can you now know if your strategy is working? How can you A/B test it? The gap between your number of followers and your engagement will be so big that even when you sit down in a meeting with an investor or a future partner to do business, you will turn out to be a big joke because, today, people are smarter.

The gap between your number of followers and your engagement stats will be so big

What to Look for on Social Media

We are at the point of the social media evolution where everyone is using it. Everyone is on the platforms that he or she finds appealing. An average user can realize if a brand is starving for attention or if it is building a real audience by listening and providing value. No one expects a two-month-old Twitter account to have 10,000 followers and skyrocketing engagement.

How Important Is Your Brand to You?

A rhetorical question. I do not know anyone who is putting all of their effort and time into building something they do not care about. However, sometimes, you do not have the knowledge or the right people beside you to stop you from taking shortcuts. There are no shortcuts in marketing that can bring you real value; the most important thing you need is patience. Stop before executing a purchase of thousands of followers and invest those hundreds of dollars into a professional advisor. It can save you lots of money in the long run and keep your brand solid.