SetUp JenkinsX on Minikube kubernetes Cluster


  1. Setup a virtualbox.

2. Setup minikube on your host machine.

3. Install jenkins-x (jx) binary on your host machine.

4. Install git client and configure git client with email id and username.

5. Create github Personal Token.

JenkinsX Installation

1. Install JenkinsX on minikube cluster with below command and choose appropriate options for successful installation.

jx create cluster minikube

Minikube cluster setup is completed successfully.

2. Cluster Dashboard is viewed with below command.

minikube dashboard

Namespaces are created based on the environment has shown in above figure.

3. As part of cluster setup jx does following environment setup:
3a. Git Repository for each environment:


3b. Jenkins instance is created (URL highlighted in step1).

3c. Below urls are highlighted in step1

Note: By Following same steps you can configure JenkinsX with GHE. You need to configure github Client to your GHE account and use generated Personal Token.