Pursue Your Desire, Not Your Passion (There’s a Difference)
Brianna Wiest

Wow! So many articles against people having passion for what they do. What happened in your life that makes you this negative?

To be good at anything, people must go through something called “deliberate practice”. Thousands of hours of relentless, repetitive work that leaves you hurting and exhausted, with the hope that it will make you stronger and better. That requires grit.

Guess where that grit comes from? It comes from having a purpose in life and the passion to achieve it.

A desire to accomplish something, without any passion in the cause, is not only pointless, its ineffective. All women in beauty contests have a desire to eradicate hunger and poverty but their real passion is in modelling, acting and becoming famous. We all know how that works out.

In all your examples, you talk of unsuccessful people who lost out because they did something only out of passion. I would encourage you to explore success stories instead and try finding successful people who got there without any passion towards their goal. You’d be hard pressed to find even one!

And here is the real kicker. If someone is living a life following their passion and they don’t make it to the big league, they will still never regret their life decisions. True passion towards something makes you pursue that because you enjoy the process, not just because it will make you rich and famous, though that wouldn’t hurt.

Following your advice and pursuing a career devoid of passion would make for a very unhappy individual, even if he/she becomes successful.

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