A short story of Haunted house

There is an empty house in my village. Nobody lives there. In the light of moon It looks so danger. Near this house there is a park where we all children always play. We all children wants to go into that house but all get frighten and our parents also don’t let us go near that house and says there is an old evil lady. 
One day there was a parents meeting and party outside of the village. No parents in the village. We were playing foot ball game in the park as usual. Suddenly one boy hit the ball and ball went inside the house. No one of the children wanted to go inside that house so we decided to go inside the house all together. First i stepped into an old house and behind me all the children stepped into an old house. Suddenly a cat were crying to loudly and we all are frightened and running aways from the house. But there was a hole on the way and i stuck in that hole and all the children went outside. I was alone there. My heart was thumping loudly with fear. When all of a sudden i heard someone’s foot steps voice. Some one came to me. I saw a shadow of a lady. I got sweating. But when she came near me with one hand have lighting candle and in other hand she have our ball. And she said to me did not get fright to me. And give me a ball and i got my leg out from hole. And she putted some balm on my lag and said to me for getting all of your friend inside. I have lot’s of indoor game for all of us. And I was smiling and call all friends to come inside. 
The lady was so good and well behave, She took care of us till our parents came to the village.

By M.Pundir