Coming Back to Life !

What do you feel, when you walk into a place where you spent a part of your childhood?

A part of us smiles as we carefully replay the memory in our minds. We are taken over by nostalgia and reminded of the beauty of naivety. We begin to meld with the moment and let out guard down to accept our flaws and distortions. We are reminded of the simplicity of life. We realize the biggest problem back then in life was to reach for the cookie jar. It just seems like yesterday when you were fidgeting with a toy and weaving a story around it. The child within begins to slowly come back to life.

But, then something strange happens. We begin to notice, how small the room is and the brightness of the walls has dimmed. We turn into rational pricks. We begin to see how the splint on the chair is coming apart and forget how as a child we always wanted to untangle it by poking anything we could lay our hands on. The refrigerator in the house does not interest us anymore because it is not of the latest make. In the world of information overload we have lost touch with the excitement of seeing a differently colored bowl sitting between the mundane dishes on the refrigerator shelves. When you hug your aunt, she feels frailer. You are not afraid if she will scold you for spilling water or disturbing the interiors. In our quest to achieve, we cannot afford to be week and this is a part of the process of growing up. As a child, we always wanted to avoid the borders of the floor tiles. Now our feet are too big for such heedfulness and we do not obviously care where we are treading.

Our egos have outgrown our earning (read learning) and we do not want to feel exposed. We find ways to mask our feelings. We have made ourselves our own victims of progress. Our innocence is the collateral damage. But is this what we want to be? Do we want to be indifferent unemotional individuals living in silos?

Let us resolve to be children again for one hour every day. Let this be the time when we do not judge. We keep ourselves away from our biases and assumptions. Free yourself to let new ideas flood in. Take this time off to look at the world with innocence. Make a few mistakes, feel a bit silly and dance in front of the mirror. Laugh at perfection and get rid of your fears. Slowly, practice this for two hours a day. Let the creative juices flow and you will begin to lose your inhibitions and insecurities. Our consciousness and complexes stem from our very own narrow point of view. We see ourselves, the way we see others. The moment we begin to see others in a new light, we are reborn. When you begin to do this for three hours a day, you will look back to see how unimportant the last failure was. Happiness will be your foremost pursuit. The meaningless things will slowly fade away and you will begin to appreciate the small things in life.

Every additional hour you spend enjoying like a child will bring you closer to your true self. The lies and deceit you have been telling yourself will slowly turn into a wisp that you can use to playfully tickle yourself.

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