‘DESTINY’ a book written by GOD or MAN ?

We cant change the cards we are dealt, we can only learn to play the hand

Lot of people believe in the concept called destiny. Somewhere, there is a superlative power or GOD which has already defined the fate of each and everything on the planet. Right from the birth till the end, the entire journey is rewritten. GOD has made an itinerary for all us.

We all have to follow the path set for us. However, there are proponents and opponents to this school of thought.

Believers who buy this concept of destiny accept their situation easily and are more positive to events happening in their life. They take life as it comes, and accept everything without any guilt or remorse.

On the other hand, non believers are those who think that there is no such thing called destiny. As per them people just get lucky sometimes. Non believers are control freaks, they would want their each decision taken to be correct. As per them, there are only good and bad choices. People who take good choices can turn their life around. Some people are born with golden spoon but some hard working people can buy entire golden cutlery set with their hard work and good decisions. World is full of these people, the best example would be of Oprah Winfrey. Born in extreme poverty, molested at young age but still managed to become world best entertainer.

I , always liked the scene in Harry Potter wherein students are sorted to different houses. Everyone accepts their house because of destiny except one non believer.Who then ultimately reaches to greatness !!!

So are you ready to follow to path or want to create one for yourself .

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