If aliens arrive: Some positive implications

The curious and empathetic minds have always looked at the night sky with awe. The twinkling stars, the soothing light from the moon, have always succeeded in making us wonder about the profundity of existence. Many a time we have asked ourselves — “Are we alone?” But the answer to that question has never been definite. Thankfully we live in times when we are free to speculate about things of these sorts. But Giordano Bruno, an Italian philosopher, wasn’t that lucky. He proposed the existence of an infinite universe and alien life at a time when it was considered heresy. The church inquisitors found him guilty, and he was brutally burnt at the stake for the sake of religion. Today the times aren’t that harsh as they were during the days of Bruno.

We frequently come across articles and blogs which ask the same questions which Bruno asked four centuries ago. Not to mention the numerous UFO and alien conspiracy videos we are frequently bombarded with. In this article I won’t be talking about the veracity of the alien conspiracy theories, rather I would be hypothesizing what would happen if the aliens finally pay a visit to us, open in public. I asked myself what if the US government issues a joint press statement with one of the little green men tomorrow. I asked what the official acceptance of the existence of alien intelligence would entail. And the answers I came up with are interesting. In this article I will be discussing only the positive outcomes, for we already know (through movies) what would happen if aliens decide to exterminate us. Let’s see the possible positive implications one by one.

Major world religions would decline in terms of the number of adherents.

Most of the religions of our world are anthropomorphic. “Man is made in the image of God.” This is what major world religions believe in. We consider that a human being is the peak of evolution and there are no other beings (except for the metaphysical divine entities and spirits) with an intellect greater than that of ours. These anthropomorphic religions have a myopic view of the universe. The sense of morality, the standards of ethics, and traditions are a result of a particular culture, geography, and the times when sacred scriptures were being crafted. The major world religions therefore don’t take into account of what is beyond the mother earth. Forget that many of them don’t even take into account of what is beyond one’s culture. Still despite the differences the religions have survived simply because the yardstick with which we measure is inadequate and not sensitive enough. The adherents of one religion have justified their beliefs by considering the adherents of others at fault. With the official announcement of the existence of aliens who are different from us, all together, the religious people would be forced to contemplate about the rightness of their beliefs. Religious fanaticism would come to an end and instead it would be replaced by a paranoia about the intentions of Extraterrestrials. We would come to realize that not just a single language, a single person or a place is sacrosanct, but the whole universe is. The arrival of aliens on Earth would therefore spell a doomsday for major faiths.

Scientific progress would leapfrog.

We know that the closest Earth-like planets are light-years away from us. Therefore if the aliens arrive, they would be technically far more advanced than us. Certainly, they wouldn’t be dependent on fossil fuels, for it is not possible to travel to such far distances in space using them. Perhaps they would bring technologies to Earth such as cold fusion, zero point energy or EmDrive, which still exist only in works of science fiction. The frequent rendezvous with the alien-kind would result in technology spillover. Perhaps the aliens would be kind enough to share their technologies with us. Maybe they would actively participate in the advancement of humans, for our planet can serve as a docking point for their spaceships. Their insight could also help us in putting an end to global hunger and harsh ailments such as cancer and AIDS. The world of medicine, epigenetics and surgery would drastically change upon their arrival.

The thirst to be a superpower and to achieve global dominance would end.

Every other day we hear news about a new missile test by North Korea or audacious steps of the Chinese dragon in the South China Sea. These are attempts in the direction of achieving global dominance. The present and only superpower, the US, feels threatened. Naturally, the US is intimidated by the military and economic advancement of such totalitarian and authoritarian states, for it wants to maintain the status quo. Everyone wants to be the King. But the king of what? The answer is Earth. With the arrival of Aliens, the realm would become so big that the countries who currently aim for global dominance would give up. No country would be able to compete with the Aliens. The race to global dominance would, therefore, mean nothing. The tensions among the countries would end, and the people would be able to see the bigger picture.

End of prejudices and racism

Sometimes we look down upon or treat others badly just because they look or think differently from us. With the arrival of aliens, human beings would become more compassionate towards each other. The more different the extraterrestrials look from us, the better would be the effect on the human psyche. There is indeed a possibility of the emergence of a Utopian global state as depicted by science fiction TV shows and movies. The humankind will unite and embrace the mantra of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (The world is one family). No longer there would be forces pitting humans against each other for petty reasons. The paranoia that extraterrestrials can obliterate us anytime would impel the people to reconsider what is good and beneficial for the survival of the whole human race. As a result, humans would forget their differences and work together to achieve a common goal.

Well, these are some of the positive implications I could think of. If you have any other in your mind feel free to leave a comment.

Avid reader. Love writing. Crazy about progressive house. My areas of interest include science, philosophy and literature.

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