Momentum=1, Motivation=0.

I have wasted a lot of time waiting for the motivation to strike only to realize it is such a useless thing to worry about!

Waiting for Motivation to get started is like waiting to feel good before working out.

Starting out first and motivation will come and go and it won’t even matter after a while.

Building Momentum is something you should go after and here are a couple of ways I do it:

Plan Small

Start with the day, then the week, and then the month, and so on.

Decision-making comes with practice and by planning short term, you are doing just that.

Speed Breakers

For me it is:

  1. Mindless Scrolling
  2. Binge Watching
  3. Overthinking
  4. Replying to Emails
  5. Calling People

I try to avoid these things during the deep work sessions.

PRO TIP: Set a time for all these activities so you won’t be tempted. Example: After working 6–8 Hours, dedicate a 30–60 minute block to use your phone.

Be the Sherlock

If you wasted time, write it down and make sure you make the next block productive.

This simple activity can be a game changer for productivity.

I use Pomodoro Technique and after every 25 minutes of working, I check on myself.

Everyone is trying so hard to capture our attention these days so it is upon us to protect it at all costs and spend it wisely.

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