Ever felt that life is more than just living in the moments, living in the present? We all want to forget the past, not worry about the future and live in the present but is it actually possible? 
We have created a lot of memories on our way to this so called "Present". Many people came, more to leave than to stay but do we really remember everyone who crossed our lives? They are a countable few who are actually responsible for leaving an impact in our lives, who made us what we are. These are the ones we miss, the ones we want to reunite and relive the memories with but is it really possible?
In this ever-so-dynamic life, we tend to lose sight of these people. In this life, I want to spare time to remind all the people who were ever important to me that they will always be an important part of my life. I might not be able to gather the courage to contact you but I will be more than happy to hear from you in case you feel the same for me.
Life is too short, so don’t ever commit the mistake of making wrong priorities because in the end you would want just that one person to hold your hand when you stand facing the rest of the people who look up to you, because standing there alone is not worthy. Make wise choices, I do want those people back if at all they choose the same.