Pulse, what’s the point?

PulseBot is a decision-engine for professionals. So what does that mean? Well, for those interested (but really more for us to crystallize our thoughts :), this is a quick read on why we started Pulse. I think the best way to relate ideas is storytelling, so here are a few that inspired us.

Joe, a reporter’s story

Joe is a blogger and is writing an article on gun-related incidents involving the police. While he’s managed to get a few quotes through interviews with police officers, he’s looking to get a consensus on a few questions from as many officers as possible. He pulls out his phone, Pulses 1,000 officers across the U.S. and within a few hours get the responses he’s looking for. He segments results by state, age, and a few other interesting dimensions, adds the data to his article, and hits publish.

Ash, a product manager’s story

Ash is a product manager in a start-up. Her product is looking to introduce a VR workspace for employees across large enterprises with remote teams. While she has a few early adopters to learn from, she needs to know where to aim (industry / geography / budgets) the team’s limited resources to set a successful marketing and sales strategy. She Pulses 1,000 CIOs to learn about their appetite and budget for experimenting with VR workspaces. A few hours later, a Pulse report informs her that Financial Services CIOs are more willing to experiment with VR and have budgeted disproportionately more with respect to other industries.

Lance, an HR manager’s story

Lance is an HR manager at a large organization. He prepares for his meeting with his engineering peer, who wants budget to hire 10 more data scientists in his team. Lance does not know if this is a reasonable request or not. He sends out a Pulse to 100 other heads of HR to ask for their engineering : data scientists ratio. Before he walks into the meeting, he takes a quick peek at the data and shares it with his engineering colleague for them to discuss.

None of these stories are possible today. When we looked at alternatives, we didn’t find what we had in mind. The table below is a (grossly simplified) view of the options available today.

Options available for making informed decisions today.

Pulse is about people-powered insights — — for people, by people. People are innately curious, we like self expression, we value communities, and have an insatiable appetite for learning. We don’t think people always need 25c, a chance to win a steak dinner, a $100 Amazon gift card as incentives to participate in simple Q&A, especially when it’s on topics that are interesting to them.

So we’re flipping the incentives. We’re using knowledge as the incentive for knowledge workers and building a community of individuals that feel the same way. And just as Google has become the destination for all things search, we want to become the destination for all things research.

We’re starting with decision makers in the world of IT (CIOs and CTOs), which is constantly changing and has a large spend across the business landscape, and expanding from there to different professions.

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