Surveys are boring. Conversations are not.

Surveys are boring, conversations are not.

So what if we merged the two? Well, that’s one of the thoughts behind Pulse.

The survey market is HUGE. Just ask Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, or one of the other 600+ businesses built on creating and serving surveys. ESOMAR estimates the survey market to be worth $39B, with online surveys only being $11.7B of that.

So what are we fixing? Well, regardless of whether it was in a mall, or over email, or even on paper (?!), we’ve all done surveys. And they are a YAWNtastic experience. Here are a few issues with surveys and what we’re doing to clean it up:

  1. Surveys are boring because they add no immediate value to the respondent.
Surveys are boring

But what if they could? What if you could *instantly* compare your answers with others and get a pretty visualization of that data. People like self-express, but getting feedback on that expression makes things all the more interesting.

Pulse gives users instant feedback on their data and they can always go back and check for the latest updates.

2. Lots of surveys are still old school.

Paper surveys are still popular

I still get surveys by mail. Not email, regular mail. We just bought a car and Audi sent us a 4 page customer survey with over 20 questions that I’m supposed to fill out and mail back… really?

Pulse merges survey questions with conversations, making them easy and delightful for users.

3. Demographic questions lead to response fatigue.

Users get bored with the same questions

What is your age, gender, location? Every question a user answers adds to their response fatigue and burning that out on demographic questions leads to fewer core responses.

With user permission, Pulse knows and avoids asking demographic questions. In fact over time it starts to figure out what you value and serves you questions related to your interest.

4. Survey options are often not the right answer.

Multiple choices don’t make any of ’em right

Being exhaustive with all the options for a question can lead to an overwhelming number of choices.

If the options aren’t right, simply type out the response. Pulse is smart enough to automatically add popular responses as options.

5. Surveys have a terrible response rate.

Yawn. Sorry Delta — it’s the first Google Image I found.

Which again makes sense, given how many questions are involved, how terrible the UI/UX is, how boring they are to fill, and how slammed people’s inboxes are…

Pulse breaks surveys to mini conversations, increasing response rate dramatically. Plus it’s just more fun :)

6. Who filled this out anyway?

Who dis?

It’s really hard to verify who the actual respondent was for any survey. It might have been served to a mom, but filled out by the kid. Or served to a CIO, and filled out by someone on her team.

Pulse conversations are on chat platforms (Messenger to start) so cannot be forwarded to others, making the quality of data awesome.

It’s weird to do a list with six bullets, but I need to stop here and get back to some coding before my cofounder yells at me.

Excited to be bringing much needed change to this space with Pulse, stay tuned for more! Join the survey-lution by saying hi to PulseBot!

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