My experience with Scaler Academy.

Hi, I’m Mayank Sisode from Scaler Academy, October Batch 2020. Sharing my experience about scaler academy and my recent offer from Games24x7.

Scaler Academy is something which I will always be grateful for. Most of the people including me used to think that if you don’t come from a computer science branch at NIT/IIT’s, You won’t be able to get into the top product based companies and after getting into scaler academy it turned out to be a lie.

Going back to June-July 2019 ,Placement season started in my college and recruitment started but I never wanted to get into any of those companies, I felt that let’s start preparing for something better. Later I got to know about Scaler Academy, I went through the curriculum and then I decided to give the entrance coding exam and after clearing the test, I was able to get through the personal interview round also.

Talking about the academy, The program is very well structured. The mentors were excellent , they were always there to help me with the concepts thoroughly, and were always there to clear any doubts I had. Even after the classes, I had teaching assistants to help with any questions I had. The mock interviews were really helpful, It helped in identifying my strengths and weaknesses. It was like the program was designed to take care of everything.I learned a lot from scaler academy and learning continues.

Back in February 2020 I got selected for SDE internship at Grab, Bangalore. The mock interviews and my ex-mentor Shikhar Garg helped me a lot with the preparation like Data structures and System design. And a week ago I got SDE-1 offer from India’s most successful gaming business Games24x7. Again the curriculum was so great, I was very well prepared with all the prerequisites because of the program. Throughout the preparation my mentor Amogh Mishra helped me a lot in problem solving, CS fundamentals and with all the things on which I need to work on. The offer is only possible because of Scaler Family.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me through it all, Especially Anshuman Singh & Abhimanyu Saxena sir, ex-mentor Shikhar Garg, my mentor Amogh Mishra, success manager Vinodh Rajamani and the whole Talent acquisition team who helped me through the process.

Scaler teaches me that the only thing which matters is the tech skills you have. If you keep learning and keep pushing yourself to get better, no one can stop you from reaching your goals, be it a dream job at a large tech company or founding a company of your own. Thank you Anshuman Singh & Abhimanyu Saxena sir for this great platform.