I support Free Basics in India!

Today when my home town — Guwahati (and the entire NE India) was hit by an earthquake, I actually felt the power of Facebook’s “I am safe” feature. Thankfully everyone is safe back home. All who are against Mark Zuckerberg’s Free basics, imagine every single person in the country having the power to inform if they are safe or they if need help, isn't that big enough reason to have few apps for free? Please don’t preach in comments about net neutrality, I am very well aware of it and also know that there is only one social network and other are all news and other essential apps.

Source http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/internet/internet-org.html

Think of Facebook as a new web/browser/news stream AND a social network and suddenly it will make sense.

(its an excerpt from my Facebook venting)

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